Porsche construirá su 918 si es rentable

Comparativas, Noticias, Reportajes | Víctor Pimentel | 10 de Marzo de 2010 a las 17:10

Porsche 918With all the leaks ahead of auto shows these days, it's not often that we get a real surprise anymore. There was one such event at this year's Geneva Motor Show, though: the Porsche 918 concept. The compact and powerful plug-in hybrid roadster was also the biggest hit of this year's show. There's even better news, though. Porsche CEO Michael Macht told Autocar magazine that the company is intent on producing the 918.

The key is that the car has to be profitable. Porsche won't build the 918 as a loss leader just to get it out there. It's not clear if Porsche would build the 918 with the same powertrain shown on the concept or a more conventional system. In all likelihood the hybrid system will be retained in order to demonstrate that a supercar can be built that meets modern emissions and fuel consumption demands. If the 918 happens, it could appear within five years.

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